Introduction to Kratom

by Roderick Stillwell March 10, 2023 2 min read

Introduction to Kratom - Choice Botanicals

Introduction to Kratom

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a potent, evergreen tree native to Southeast Asian countries. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family, similar to coffee plants. Kratom leaves have been used for centuries by laborers to re-energize during farm work because it offers stimulating effects, boosting their mental and physical zeal. Currently, kratom has found its way into various countries around the world. In fact, it has become the most preferred natural remedy to manage conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. Also, some individuals consume kratom as a favorable alternative to conventional drugs since it doesn't lead to adverse effects like drug addiction.

Kratom Constituents

Kratom leaves contain several active ingredients that are responsible for their powerful properties. They work by binding to different neurotransmitters in the nervous system, thus offering anxiolytic, painkilling, nootropic, and stimulating effects. Depending on the amount of each active ingredient in kratom leaves, they give unique benefits to their users. Some chemical ingredients include paynantheine, speciogynine, although mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the major ones. Research shows that mitragynine has the potential to relieve pain since it acts on opioid receptors in the nervous system. On the other hand, 7-hydroxy mitragynine works by blocking sensory neurons to detect pain signals in the body, giving antinociceptive effects.

How to Take Kratom

There are plenty of ways an individual can consume kratom, depending on their preference. One of the most common methods is taking powdered kratom. It is usually mixed with water or one's favorite beverage to avoid the unpleasant taste of this powerful herb. Also, kratom extracts are readily available in the market, which involve pure active constituents of kratom resin. Additionally, in case you don't love the taste of kratom powder or extracts. You can choose to take kratom capsules, which come with exact dosages. They are also easier to swallow because they are made from gelatin shells, just like the normal medication sold in pharmaceutical stores. So, regardless of the method you choose to take kratom, you will still enjoy the amazing benefits of the herb.

Types of Kratom

Like other plants, there are different kratom types termed strains. Each has different characteristics and offers distinctive effects to the users because they contain varied alkaloid profiles. To be specific, kratom has three main strain categories named; white, green, and red, which depend on the color of the veins found on its leaves. Further, each category has other substrains like white dragon, red kali, Indo kratom, Malay kratom, and many others.


Kratom is a powerful and exciting herb with plenty of therapeutic and recreational benefits. It is one of the most useful plants individuals have embraced over the years to manage various conditions. While buying kratom, it is important to purchase the herb from reputable sellers with pure products that will not adversely affect your health. Also, always take kratom at a low dosage and gradually increase it so you can enjoy its excellent benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step today, order kratom, and witness the benefits you will experience.

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