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Elephant Cones Yea baby 8 Pack

Elephant Cones Yea Baby 8 Pack

Meet Beautiful Burns & Elephant Designer Cones - the perfect addition to your smoking experience. These cones are made with high-quality, natural materials that burn slowly and evenly, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking session. The unique design of the cones allows for an easy and mess-free filling experience, while the slow burn ensures that you can savor the flavors and aromas of your herbs or tobacco. Perfect for both personal and social use, these cones are sure to elevate your smoking experience. Try them today and experience the difference!


  • ULTRA-THIN AND SLOW BURNING. Ultra-thin European-style rolling paper.
  • PLANT-BASED COLORS AND CATEGORY 3 TESTED. Coloring is made from edible, tasteless plant-based oils with natural pigments.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY. Made from natural eco-friendly palm pulp rolling paper that comes from the husk of the palm fruit and NOT the tree.
  • UNIQUE STYLE. Great for showing off with friends or on social media posts.
  • NESTED PACKAGING. In order to minimize packaging waste, cones are packaged with 4 cones nested inside 4 other cones. From the outside of the package, it appears to be only 4 long cones, but it is a total of 8 cones.