Choice Botanicals is the premier source for the finest Maeng-da kratom (Miragyna speciosa). Our enterprise began in 2010 when we learned of the natural benefits of Maeng-da, or as the product has come to be known as, “Kratom.” Business was steady, but in the beginning did not grow as we’d hoped. What were we missing? Top quality product. After two years of searching for the best quality product, we found it.

In 2012 we were granted a long term, fair-price contract directly from the Maeng-da growing farms in southern Thailand. Verified by independent GMP-certified laboratories, we’re proud to say we provide the most potent and consistent Kratom experience possible. We now have what we know to be the best source of Kratom, and we’re committed to the selling of only the highest quality product at the best price.

Based in Austin, TX, we ship worldwide. We regularly evaluate the quality of our product to ensure consistency, and we strive to maintain what we believe is the best Kratom on the market. Choice Botanicals offers wholesale pricing to qualified customers. Please contact us at 1-888-437-7779

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    • Jess says:

      Our CBD is kept below the legal limit of THC. When it comes to hemp no matter what you will have some amount of THC in it but the law says that you can have up to .04 and we keep it well below that amount. We have never accepted CBD Isolate above .03 THC

    • Jess says:

      For pain Kratom would be your best option. The strain of Kratom I would most recommend for low energy would be the Borneo, it’s the best to give you a little kick. Bali is not the strain for you, it has more of a sedative effect.

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