Important information about counterfeit Choice products

It has come to our attention that there have been some fake Choice products circulating using our old labels.
This counterfeit product is not tested nor the same quality of our Kratom.

We have created the guide below to ensure that you protected from this counterfeit Choice products. If you have any product that has the old labels listed below, please reach out to us at or call 888.437.7779.


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6 thoughts on “Important information about counterfeit Choice products

  1. Roman Burtsev says:

    Hey there just picked up some choice botanicals kratom from a local headshop. On the bottle theres one of those holographic looking stickers on it but cant seem to find anything eith a date on the bottle. Is this okay to consume?

    • kaitlin says:

      @RomanBurtsev On the bottom of the bottle, there should be either a sticker with a batch/lot number and an expiration date or a manufacturing date will be directly printed on the bottle.

    • kaitlin says:

      @DavidKulhanek We test every batch that comes in for biological materials (yeast, mold, other bacterium), heavy metals, and potency. We strive to make sure we are offering you the best and safest kratom possible!

    • kaitlin says:

      @AndreaKranz Choice Botanicals does distribute to another distributor called Windship, where we offer different sizes than normally. The label will also differ; it will most likely be grey and have the Windship logo on it.

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