Kratom Lab Testing

Why Test Kratom?

As is standard with all botanicals, it is important to test Kratom to ensure that the powder is pure and doesn’t contain high levels of heavy metals, pesticides or any amount of common alkaloids, Mitragynine, or 7-ydroxymitragynine. These tests help ensure that our Kratom is safe for consumption.

How We Test our Kratom

Choice Botanicals uses Anresco Laboratories, one of the most trusted laboratories in the country. Our Kratom lab testing is subjected to ensure both the safety and the quality of the product that is being sold to our consumers.

How You Can Be Confident In our Products

Choice Botanicals works closely with and is one of the companies recognized by the American Kratom Association. As the highest authority in Kratom standards, their approval verifies that we adhere to +2 all of the standards for both processing and manufacturing Kratom to ensure our customers safety. At Choice Botanicals, we happily provide you with lab results and answer any questions you may have.