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Liqid Gold

Introducing Liqid Gold Liquid Kratom, Our 150mg strength nano emulsified Kratom Shot - the ultimate in convenience and potency. Each shot contains 150mg of pure, all-natural kratom extract, carefully processed to retain the beneficial alkaloids.

Our unique nano-emulsification process ensures that the kratom extract is broken down into tiny particles, making it more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. This allows for faster onset and increased bioavailability of the kratom's alkaloids.

Our kratom shot comes in a small, easy-to-consume bottle, making it perfect for on-the-go use or for those who have trouble swallowing pills.

Our Kratom shots are specially formulated to provide a quick and effective way to experience the benefits of kratom. The 150mg strength is perfect for those who are looking for a stronger dose or for those who have built a tolerance to lower doses.

Experience the convenience and potency of Liqid Gold today.