The Choice Botanicals Story

Choice Botanicals is the premier source for the finest Maeng-da kratom (Miragyna speciosa). Our enterprise began in 2010 when we learned of the natural benefits of Maeng-da, or as the product has come to be known as “Kratom.” business was steady, but in the beginning, did not grow as we’d hoped. What were we missing? Top-quality product. After two years of searching for the best quality product, we found it. In 2012 we were granted a long-term, fair-price contract directly from the Maeng-Da growing farms in Indonesia. For over a decade we have been an industry-leading manufacturer of Kratom and other natural products. We recently moved into a state of the art 40,000 square foot facility with top-of-the-line production hardware to meet today's high demand for our products.

Our Why

What's the reason for choosing Choice Botanicals? We saw a problem with conventional suppliers; ineffective customer support, unreliable and untimely delivery, and low-quality products without consistency or quality control. We saw this as an opportunity to: work closely with the farmers and laborers in the fields by guaranteeing them a fair wage for their hard work, to provide better quality control for our products so that every bottle is pure, consistent, and to create long-term sustainable partnerships with suppliers that make us stronger together. For a truly satisfying kratom experience, we invite you to try us out today.

What We Offer

Our kratom is sourced from mature, carefully selected trees from the jungles of Indonesia. Since we have to be careful in harvesting the trees to ensure their sustainability and long-term growth, we take great pride in knowing that our kratom is sourced ethically. We make sure that the harvesting of our trees is done by local farmers−not big companies−who take great care to treat the tree with respect and ensure that it grows well for years to come. Furthermore, whether you are buying kratom powder or capsules, we are committed in not only making sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase but also maintaining a strong relationship with them after they have used our product. If you ever have any questions or concerns concerning your kratom products feel free to contact us through our Contact page or via email at We welcome your questions, queries, feedback, and stories, and promise to always answer with a smile. If any problems happen to your order, we do our best to correct the problem as quickly as possible and minimize any inconvenience to you.

Quality Guaranteed

Kratom, once unknown outside Southeast Asia, is now a herb and supplement gaining popularity in North America, especially among those who are looking to manage stress, chronic pain, or help themselves quit other substances. However, finding quality kratom can be a challenge. Kratom powder or leaves might not be correctly identified as a natural botanical or it could be contaminated by other plants or fillers. Choice Botanicals takes the hard work out of shopping for premium leaves. Every batch of our pure, lab-tested Bali leaf products is verified by a third party laboratory for consistency in alkaloid content and purity.

One of the biggest concerns people have when they first start shopping for kratom online is the possibility of receiving low-quality, non-authentic herb. Our 100% pure kratom is lab tested by third-party laboratories to ensure you get what you pay for--nothing but the best.

Our Process

Our reputation is built around fair prices and high quality products. All of our products are sourced to comply with the most strict international regulatory standards and patents.

  • Transparency

    You've come to the right place. Choose between a variety of form factors, including capsules, powder, and Vape – all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. At Choice Botanicals we are bound by our tenets of transparency, quality and outstanding customer service. If you would like more information or have questions about our products, please contact us at

  • Loyalty Program

    Choice cherishes the support from every single customer that shops with us, and as a thank you we have developed a loyalty program like no other. Rack up points with purchases, reviews, and social interactions and redeem them for savings on each order you make. Also be sure to subscribe to be first to know when double points are offered.

  • Subscribe & Save

    Stay up to date on all sales and loyalty program updates by subscribing to our email and SMS lists. You can be the first to take advantage on the amazing savings we have to offer with choice. Not only do we want to keep you all up to date on offers, Choice is all about advocacy. Choice works closely with the American Kratom Association in the fight to protect Kratom, and we make it our mission to make sure consumers like you are kept up to date on the status and legality of Kratom state to state.

  • Weekly Deals

    Choice is all about looking out for our customers. We know the value of the dollar so we want to make sure you always get more bang for your bucks. Our customer experience specialist work around the clock to come up with weekly, monthly, and yearly sales with the satisfaction of customers in mind.

Our Philosophy

Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. At Choice botanicals, we follow a simple set of principles which help guide us in creating the best Kratom products and contribute to a better planet.

About Our Products

Verified by independent GMP-certified laboratories, we’re proud to say we provide the most potent and consistent Kratom experience possible. We now have what we know to be the best source of Kratom, and we’re committed to the selling of only the highest quality product at the best price.

Our Team

Based in Houston, TX, we ship nationwide. We regularly evaluate the quality of our product to ensure consistency, and we strive to maintain what we believe is the best Kratom on the market. Choice Botanicals offers wholesale pricing to qualified customers. Please contact us at 1-888-437-7779 or speak with us online by visiting our contact page.