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Lab Test results

While some may leave you guessing when it comes to the ingredients, the potency, and purity, we believe wholeheartedly in transparency and proof to earn trust from our customers. We test our products to remind you that what is on the packaging is what is in the bottle, and to ensure that you have peace of mind when using Choice products. Feel free to browse our up-to-date lab results and learn about the process that our products endure to ensure your confidence.

Why test kratom?

As is standard with all botanicals, it is important to test Kratom to ensure that the powder is pure and doesn’t contain high levels of heavy metals, pesticides or any amount of common alkaloids, Mitragynine, or 7-ydroxymitragynine. These tests help ensure that our Kratom is pure.

How you can be confident in our products

Choice Botanicals works closely with and is one of the companies recognized by the American Kratom Association. As the highest authority in Kratom standards, their approval verifies that we adhere to +2 all of the standards for both processing and manufacturing Kratom to ensure a quality product. At Choice Botanicals, we happily provide you with lab results and answer any questions you may have.

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