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Mitra Extracts

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Mitra Extracts

Say hello to the Future of Energy! Mitra Extracts brings three ways to boost your day into overdrive. Our plant-based energy alternatives Mitra Fuel, Mitra Burst, and Mitra Rush contain three different potencies & three different methods of consumption to meet your needs. Mitra Fuel is an entry-level ready-to-drink 40mg Kratom energy drink perfect for newcomers to try. Take it up a notch with the world's best-tasting Kratom, Mitra Rush. Mitra Rush is a water-soluble Kratom energy alternative packed into an on-the-go-friendly packet. Just rip, pour, shake, and enjoy 50mg of plant-powered energy. The heavyweight Vessl Tech-powered Mitra Burst has a powerful 75mg of Kratom in its cap ready to burst with a twist. Kick the sugar and caffeine and check out the natural power of Mitra Extracts!

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