Choice Minis Kratom Capsules 250ct

Choice Minis Kratom Capsules 250ct 

Choice Botanicals is well known for its JUMBO capsules which hold an entire gram of Kratom. However, we understand that MONSTER-sized capsules are not for everyone. That’s why we created Choice “minis”, a smaller capsule that absolutely everyone can enjoy. We’ve packed as many minis in these bottles as we can and we did it for you.


Please enjoy responsibly.


Our Kratom is sourced from only the best farms in Indonesia which we have cultivated relationships for over a decade. Through our strenuous purification process and through tamper-proof packaging quality is assured. 


Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


100% VEGAN

Choice Minis Kratom Strains 


  • Maeng Da is our Green strain. It means that the Kratom purchased is of the highest quality on the market. The word “Maeng Da” actually translates to “top-grade”. Our Maeng Da is the most popular strain we carry, and it provides energy while also giving pain relief. The best of both worlds!
  • Baliis our Red strain. It means that the Kratom purchased is sourced directly from Bali. The red strain is traditionally used to provide more relief from everyday aches and pains, making Bali the perfect strain for just before you end your day at bedtime.