K-Shot Kratom Extract

K Shot Kratom Extract 

The K Shot Kratom Extract is one of the purest and most potent Alkaloid Suspension Shots on the market. It has 100% herbal concentrates and features some of the largest amounts of alkaloids in extracts. Beginners should sip to assess tolerance. If you were looking for a high dosage of Kratom in a single go, then K Shot is the perfect Extract for you!



100% organically grown and harvested with care by native farmers who specialize in Kratom production

Fast-acting and long-lasting effects

Each bottle contains 9g of Mitragynine

All-natural herbal supplement that doesn’t use any added chemicals or foreign ingredients

Please note: Kratom is not FDA-approved for human consumption, and its effects and safety profile are not well understood. Consult with a healthcare professional before use.